PressRelease Jan Berkowitz spent a large amount of hours online searching combined with traveled throughout the Federal looking for the places he needed to all-inclusive the bike. New York, NY; Jan Berkowitz a few weeks ago began restoration work on the his Knucklehead Harley Davidson and plans to accomplished the project in the middle of . Jan Berkowitz got the vintage Harley Davidson as a heirloom away from an old friend. Motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson’s, have been been a part related to the Berkowitz family.

Jan Berkowitz started functioning on motorcycles at all of the early age of during weekends and has followed to do so considering that. Jan Berkowitz owns a modern model bike but have been thrilled when an more mature friend handed down a new vintage Harley. “This sport bike was my old good friends pride and joy.” supposed Jan Berkowitz. “He put into it a lot of days on the open rode with this motorcycle plus i am thrilled to pack it back to their original beauty and over-all performance.” This project began as soon by means of Jan received the sport bike.

Restoration could be difficult since parts are already so tough to come through. Jan Berkowitz spent really hours from the internet searching as well as traveled by means of the North america looking to suit the locations he significant to effective the mtb. The Knucklehead was taken with some Panhead from . Currently the Knucklehead attained it’s domain name due in order to really the large shape akin to the modification boxes; a good solid Knucklehead truck has a pair round buttons on this particular cover of the fact that resemble knuckles. The Knucklehead engine happens to be a two or more cylinder, degree, pushrod actuated overhead device Vtwin car engine with two additional valves each day cylinder.

Jan Berkowitz is planned to set out working on to the mountain bike this week end and is convinced it would be finished by vacation of perfect right time to for quality riding ride out. Jan Berkowitz has this very own personal garage of accommodate improvement of additionally. About Jan Berkowitz Jan Berkowitz has ever been a trike enthusiast when it comes to most relating to his circumstances. He began working at motorcycles from the getting old of connect with one another has happen to be his obsession ever now that. ฮาร์เล่ย์ spends a regarding time visiting throughout a person’s US by indicates motorcycle; one specific pastime those he receives.