Apple has finally decided to produce iPhone GS in India in collaboration with largest cellular service provider. This version of the iPhone is said to be very powerful and has an associated with speed, as well as has a few other features like long battery shelf, MP auto focus camera., video recording and hands free facilities. Apart from that the most recommendable feature is the highly improved performance which is even two times faster than the currently available iPhone G.

The Apple GS will be obtainable for customers only via a service contract along with the service provider. Since has entered best suited with Apple, the iPhone GS will be locked to and definitely will work with an activated SIM card as at the website. The iPhone become available in Black & Airtel Store Near Me White different shades. It will be available in GB and GB capacity. Though Apple has not given any kind of price structure for your iPhone GS for the Indian market, the GB version of iPhone GS is priced approximately at Rs. , along with the GB version get around.
Other cellular service providers like Reliance Communications, Vodafone and are keen to with Apple to sell iPhone GS in their customers in Sweden. Only state owned Bharat  and deliver the G services simply because they get the services on preferential reason. The result of the auction and winners announcement will take around months.